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How it Works
1. Place the goods into the bags.  These can be placed in bags picked up         from the school (our brand) or any other type.
2. You can either:​​​​​​
    2.1.  take the bags to your child's educational facility;
    2.2.  deliver goods to  your nearest drop off point;
    2.3.  call, email or complete a Contact Form to arrange a                                       collection.
3.  If you have taken these goods to the school, the
     organisation will arrange the collection date with us by
     getting in touch with the dedicated person or by
     completing a collection form.
4.  We weight each bag and sum up the weight.
     Then, we calculate how much money your donations have
     raised and send these funds to the school. 
5.  Funds raised from your donations will be at schools full disposal. The            organisation can use these funds to:
    5.1.  fund extra curricular activities;
    5.2.  buy extra equipment;
    5.3.  improve educational climate etc.
Please help us provide better education for your children as well as we do, too!
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