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What happens after the drop off?

Depending on the timescale when the bags have been dropped off/collected, it might be that all the goods will be kept in our branches until the pickup truck is arranged. But the customer will get paid right on the spot, so if it is a parent – they can take the monies to the school themselves and donate it or we can take care of this by sending a cheque or cash to the nominated school.

We maintain frequent collection times with pickup trucks, so the goods are not left at our branches longer then required. 

On the day or a few days earlier when the pickup truck arrives, all bagged up items are delivered to the main Brislington Branch.  All bags are weighted again and a record is kept in our books before it is loaded to the truck. 

People frequently ask us where do we send the goods?

When the truck leaves our site, all items being delivered to the third world countries.  There are many countries that cannot provide decent income to their people, due to poverty, political and economic climate.  Due to this, people are unable to buy new and/or designer clothing.  These third world countries are very thankful for these items and generously accept every piece of clothing. We ensure that goods are frequently delivered by our Cash4Clothes people to these countries to help people in need.  We are a non-profit organisation – when your goods are donated to Funds4School, all monies will be donated to either our chosen school or to a school of person’s choice.

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