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About Funds4School

Funds4School brand is a franchise and is owned by a large number of people in various areas around the UK. We have started our business in the South West, because we thought that there should be more ways how we can help our local people to get rid of their old but still in good condition goods. Therefore, we have introduced the free collection service around Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol and Somerset. 

We started to work with schools and other organisations (such as churches, sport clubs etc.).  Everyone can participate in this campaign, starting from teachers and finishing with students and their parents.  We all know that organisations like these need money to improve and get better equipment for the students or equipment for the teachers to improve their teaching methods and standards.

Even thought, we try to support our community by helping you to get rid your unwanted goods, there is no necessity for you to participate in the Scheme.  However, for the people who do participate in this campaign, we do ask people to make sure that the goods are:

  • Bagged up and be in good re-usable condition, as we reserve the right to refuse any unsuitable items.

Schools or other local organisations, that have visited our branch or arranged a collection, will be greeted by one of our representatives.  The representative will make sure that all items in the bags are acceptable.  Once checked, all bags will be weighted so you get paid accordingly.

Our representative will make sure that the job is done efficiently, so the customer does not spend much time waiting and receipt for the goods, instead it will be issued on the spot. 

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